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Hi! I’m Kourtney Parker, I’m looking forward to being on snap and interacting with all of you! I love dressing up in sexy lingerie, teasing, playing, talking & having fun etc. My daily snaps will consist of my everyday life plus all the naughty fun stuff I like to do;) Feel free to message me on snap I love talking to new people!


Name: Kourtney Parker 

Age: 18 

Location: Pacific Time Zone 

Birthday: February 1st 

Zodiac: Aquarius 

Height: 5’5″

Hair: Dark brown 

Eyes: Brown

Bust: 32 D 

Camera: iPhone 6s 


Webcam, Nude Photography, Live Shows, Masturbation, Girlfriends, Sex, Fitness, Chaturbate

Terms of Service: I request that all customers are respectful when interacting with me on Snapchat. Please don't send me snaps/messages that may make me feel uncomfortable. This includes pictures/videos of genitals, sexting, requests for meet ups, or requests for personal information that I'm not comfortable sharing. I allow screen shots of my story but these screen shots are never to be shared. My Snapchat user name is also never to be shared. Breaking any of these rules may result in being blocked from my Snapchat account completely.

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